ShopsBacker is an e-commerce application connects the Shoppers (the Consumers) and the Backers (the Merchants) for online business transactions with instant payment options. It is a Retail ERP with rich functionalities supporting e-commerce, retail PoS, inventory management, employee and admin management.

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Features & Benefits


The e-commerce portal will have both order placement and delivery tracking options.


The PoS will have access with both the inventory (to access the stock list) and billing.


The inventory will have the features like SKU, Re-order level, expiry stock, dead stock, nil stock management for maintaining stocks interconnecting with multiple stores.


Employee and admin management will help to manage the delivery effectively, the leave and salary of staff.


It suits for both single store and multi store retail system connected with a centralised warehouse of any number of product categories. It can also act as a market place as far as e-commerce activities are concerned. It can be sophisticated customised further to meet the complex and endless requirements.