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Ruby on Rails worked for our customers

We have three architect groups in Mitosis. I had a conversation with one of the architect groups who supports “Ruby on Rails” on why they chose ROR for few of our customer applications. They gave strong two reasons among many.

  • COC
  • DRY

Together with the DRY and CoC approach, the content in specifications can be reduced to the minimum.


“Convention over Configuration” (also called “Coding by Convention”) is a software development approach or software design paradigm used by software frameworks, it decrease the number of decisions without loosing its flexibility. It geared toward developing programs according to typical programming conventions, versus programmer defined configurations. It enables quick and simple software creation while maintaining base software requirements.

This concept was introduced by David Heinemeier Hansson to describe the philosophy of the Ruby on Rails web framework.

Convention over configuration relies on the development of a program through the use of an underlying language’s native procedures, functions, classes and variables. This approach reduces or eliminates the need for additional software configuration files, ultimately facilitating and expediting software development, code consistency and maintenance.


DRY is a kind of principle used in software development, (software engineering) to reduce repetition of information, and it is mostly used in multi-tier architecture. It states that “the knowledge we are putting should be unique, only once, unambiguous and authoritative”. It clearly says that duplication in logic should be eliminated via abstraction and duplication in process is eliminated via automation, hence DRY is sometimes called as “Duplication Is Evil”.

This principle had been formulated by Andy Hunt and Dave Thomas in their book called “The Pragmatic Programmer”. They apply it to include ‘database schema, test plans, the build system, and even documentation’.

When DRY is applied successfully, a modification of any single element of a system does not require a change in other logically unrelated elements. Additionally, elements that are logically related all change predictably and uniformly, and thus kept in sync. They alternatively used code generators instead of methods and subroutines in the code.


Violations of DRY and referred to as WET solutions, WET commonly taken to stand for either “Write Everything Twice”, “Waste Everyone’s Time”, “We Enjoy Typing”.

We have recommended ruby on rails framework for the above reasons. It is very powerful yet simple.

Blog Credit: Ashok Kumar Thirunavukkarasu
Designation: ROR Fullstack Developer

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