HeartBeat offers the visibility of the team right from sprint planning to completed tasks. HeartBeat addresses the problems that are faced by the teams following the Agile Methodology. The system helps the Project Managers to allocate the task and get transparent as well as quick access to the project information through-out the sprint.

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Features & Benefits


HeartBeat is the ultimate productivity tool to manage projects with the team. HeartBeat allows keeping all the projects, tasks and files all in one place and easily collaborate with the team.


HeartBeat offers team collaborating features, task management, time tracking and importing expenses.


HeartBeat has an organised dashboard to view the entire project at a glance.


HeartBeat focuses on agile development methods and has all of the required features such as backlogs, tasks, sprint and issue tracker.


Apart from these the user can also manage all the employees in the organisation. They have quick access to the employee details like Contact details, Salary details and also time tracker.


HeartBeat communicates the every project profitability based on resources, team and project. Company owners get the 100% profitability reports on all projects in the dashboard in a consolidated manner as well as in detailed way.