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Experience about WPC Leadership Conference Project

I am Selvakumar Working as Android Tech lead Totally I have 4 years Experience in IT industry past 1.6 years I have been in Mitosis Technologies. Mitosis is an IT Services providing company with an office in Chennai, India. Mitosis expert in iPhone, Android, PhoneGap, Ionic, AngularJS, Java/J2ee Frameworks, web services, Python, Openbravo, OpenERP.

My team efforts bore fruit with the successful completion of this project. I would like thanks to my team it would never have been this good without their effort. It was a very good experience.

I would like to share my abroad trip and onsite experience.

Everybody having a dream for their onsite opportunity, I am also had dreamt of it many a time when I was in offshore working for a foreign client from India. Onsite is working directly from the client location. This was my first air travel – was very excited and nervous at the same time.

I have reached UAE and went through UAE Immigration which went fine. My client had booked a taxi for me. Driver waiting for me with my name on a paper. After that, I have reached my hotel after some time I have started to my client place.

I was giving a presentation about my previous projects after finishing my presentation ready to start WPC Leadership Conference project work. I have worked together with their designer and their team and completed our goal within 10 days, I am very excited that time because of successfully completed my mission on client place. I got all requirements and designs from the client and I have returned to India.

I gave all requirement and designs to my team. My team really working hard for one month and completing the whole project on time. We have successfully released WPC Leadership Conference mobile apps into Play store and App Store. It is very great experience and unforgettable project for me and my team.

Thanks to my team for support and My special thanks to Mr. Sathiyan, CEO of this Mitosis Technologies. He is trusting me that I could do this project as a tech lead and stand up to his expectations.

Scrum Techniques

STEP 1: Sprint Planning Session

Product Owner tells the Team what he wants in the Sprint. S/he picks these items from the Product Backlog. The Product Backlog is a list of high-level requirements. The team decides what they can commit to.Committed items become the Sprint Backlog – this is frozen and cannot change during the Sprint.

STEP 2: Sprint

The period when the team works on building the features identified in the Sprint Backlog for that sprint.

Daily Scrum sessions are held to review issues / problems / roadblocks / progress / commitments.

The Sprint Burn Down chart is updated each day to show progress/completion of items. The team reviews this daily to understand where and how effort needs to be expended.

The Sprint must end on time whether all items/tasks are completed or not.

STEP 3: Product Release (Incremental Release)

Release a working version of the product with the features committed to as part of the Sprint.

STEP 4: Sprint Review Meeting

Review work completed and not completed versus committed items for the Sprint.

Present work to stakeholders as a demo.

STEP 5: Sprint Retrospective

Team members review the sprint.

Discuss what worked well and what needs improvement.

Basically, a self-corrective session (lessons learned) to incorporate process improvements in preparation for the next Sprint.

Achieving Agile Leadership

We can learn to be leaders by love or by pain

Anything in life subject to learning by humans is just like that. Leadership is no different. It can be learned and that the best leaders are those who experienced and tried on leadership roles. For those on the road for some time, this is nothing new. Nevertheless, these should be seen as great news since many leaders in the software industry today have a very strong technical background and due to this background, most have immense difficulties in developing people skills.

Therefore, in order to develop emotional intelligence IT leaders today need to put their skills to the test by trial and error. Generally, errors will cause a reaction (pain) and this is the point in the process when we learn: inspect and adapt in the very sense of Scrum. To diminish the probability of pain the person in a leadership role can do the homework and feel the environment before any further actions are taken.

Agile Leadership is giving someone a gift

Whatever you give has the same intention but has a different packaging. The Agile Leader is the one who wonders:

What to give?

What is the intention?

What is the packaging?

What to give? Situational leadership tells you what to give.

What is the intention? Only one: to please. But focus on the needs, not on wishes! Needs are company needs, personal needs like self-improvement, etc. Wishes are those requests that can be overcome with improved communication and do not aggregate real value to a project.

What is the packaging? To choose the right packaging for your gift to think about cultural differences, team diversity like different personal moments, different technical backgrounds. Remember that people have limitations and that “a gentle answer turns away wrath, but a harsh word stirs up anger.

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