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Data management and Integration solution using Blockchain is responding to the ever-changing landscape of Supply Chain Management industry.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading conglomerate with business interests across Oil & Gas, Energy Management & Social Infrastructure services


Supply Chain Management enables enterprises to track the movement of the raw materials needed to create products, optimize inventory levels to reduce costs, and synchronize supply with customer demand. They also provide enterprises with tremendous competitive and business advantages.

Key Challenges

However, supply chain management is facing challenges in today’s business scenario. Some of the key challenges are: Globalization, Fast-changing markets, Quality & Compliance. Raw information coming from suppliers, partners, and even customers contains both structured and unstructured data which makes it even more difficult for organisations to consume, analyse and generate insights from these pieces of information. Data management and integration transform this raw information into compatible formats required by different supply chain management systems to ensure their seamless flow.

Our Approach

Blockchain-as-a-Service allows businesses to use cloud-based solutions to build, host and use their own Blockchain apps, smart contracts and functions on the Blockchain infrastructure developed by Mitosis. Once the use cases are identified, the business network is modelled, smart contracts are developed, and the network is deployed on the cloud platform.

Our Solution

The Blockchain networks is comprised of multiple companies that have a defined need to transact business with each other. The collection of companies on the enterprise Blockchain is known as a 'consortium'. There can be multiple consortiums (consortia) on the network, each keeping their transactions securely out of the view of anyone not participating in their transaction. “Truck Network” can help facilitate consortium member agreement to business rules (Smart Contracts). Every process is termed as a transaction and it is stored in the immutable ledgers.

Technology Used

  • Nodejs
  • Hyperledger fabric (Block chain)
  • Angular 4


  • Elimination or minimization of errors
  • Advance inventory management
  • Minimize operational delay
  • Interoperability - Build trust across the eco-system
  • Identify leakage and resolve faster

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