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Spider Transactions

Spider Transaction is a wallet that was created to maintain the transactions of multiple cryptocurrency accounts in one common place. Initially, it supported bitcoin and stellar cryptocurrencies. Spider splits payments into transaction units and transmits them over a period across different paths. It uses congestion control, in-network scheduling, and imbalance-aware routing to optimize delivery of payments.

Client Profile

Our client based out of North America, is a leading technology solution provider in the areas of cryptocurrency.


A user can hold multiple crypto accounts under one common wallet with crypto address transactions. The users can view their transaction preferences in the form of chart as Risk Meter. They can track the particular transaction in multiple levels (maximum levels available are 7). Additionally, they can get notification for the latest transaction in their multiple crypto currency account.

Key Challenges

The primary challenge faced was to display transaction detail of different crypto currency in single transaction list since transaction detail parameters are varied from Bitcoin to Stellar. A further difficulty faced was to display 7 levels of transaction for Bitcoin.

Our Approach

We initially set multiple crypto accounts under one user and acquired varied level of transactions using a user’s transaction id as and when he wants it to be displayed.

Our Solution

The Dashboard page consists of a list of recent transactions and flagged transactions as per the user or search address. We can display transactions list based upon the user’s selection of crypto currency using drop-down menu.

Technology Used

  • Front-end: Angular 8, NPM, Web-Socket.
  • Back-end: Nodejs, NPM, Google Authenticator.
  • Database: MongoDB


Using Spider transaction, a user can handle multiple crypto currency accounts under one wallet. It displays all transactions list based on the search of crypto addresses. Additionally, it displays Risk Meter chart based on the preferred transactions of bitcoin account. The user can flag an important transaction for future reference.

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