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PariPal is a healthcare assistant that plays an essential role in supporting the patients and doctors. It is a hybrid application that helps in creating an appointment, capture the patient records, document management and sharing, online purchase of medicines, emergency requirements.


A user of PariPal can be either an individual or an organizational user. When an organizational user represents multiple chains of hospitals, they hold on to two records or more records in diverse locations. When the individual user has a concern over a health issue, the users create an appointment with the doctor. The doctor provides the treatment for the patients and gives the prescriptions for the patients like medicines or lab tests or scans. The patient then holds a follow up appointment and later checks out.

Features of Individual Users

User Requests

The user requests can be classified into home visits, in visits, other clarifications and online consultations. The requests will be created in the form of an appointment and sent to the doctors for consultations. The doctors then acknowledge those requests and attends the patients accordingly. The emergency request lets us to book an ambulance by selecting from the ambulance list. Multiple users can be linked together to create a family map. If they are below 18, the guardians accounts are linked by default. If they are above 18, it is linked by giving requests.


Treatment records

The pharmacy captures the treatment records with the prescriptions and checks for user vaccinations, user medications and other lab tests for an issue and provides it to the users. There are different subscription types with package classifications for the users to choose from based on their requirements. The treatment records are the patient’s file that keep tracks of a patient details like the vaccine shots, medical issues, family history, etc.

Designation and Roles

The designation and the roles are categorized into 15 types such as Employees, ambulance drivers, pharmacies, services, doctors, nurses, equipment providers, counsellors, etc. Based on these roles, the users are created under that category. Advanced searches like nearby pharmacies, hospitals, blood requests and donations can also be made using PariPal. The patients are given a choice to choose the preferred hospital according to their requirements.

Features of Organizational User

Calendar creation

There are options to create calendars where the organizational users can fix the consultations slots. The planned allotments are accessed by the admins to assign the appointment for the patients. For an online appointment, a direct video call is generated letting the doctors and the patients to interact. The urgent consultations provide instant assistance from the available doctors. The appointment creation is made for a planned consultation. Apart from a patient, a doctor or the organization can also create an appointment for an individual and maintain the database.

Emergency and Insurance

The first aids can be performed by video calling instantly to a doctor by emergency consultations. The schools are provided under the organizational users to maintain the medical records of each students for emergency and insurance. The NGO’s tab helps with the fund raisers for patient's surgery and casualty treatments. The health library assists the doctors and nurses with text documents, paper presentations, videos snippets for the training purposes.

Reviews and Feedback 

The search complaint assists the users to review and provide feedback either on individual doctors or on the organizations generically. When a new user searches for a hospital, the doctor’s specializations, his reviews and feedback will be displayed. Likewise, when a doctor searches the patient, the patient's records displays the complete medical history about the patient.


The forums can be public or private forums. It holds the newsletters, blogs and discussions of the week. An email, SMS or app notification are sent to the patients about the latest newsletters and services. They also hold the pictorial representations of awareness charts and medical camp brochures for user convenience. The forums also consist of videos that explains the details about a specific disease or pandemic.


The users raise a request for the medications and nearby pharmacies are selected and any pharmacy within the area accepts the raised request. If the medicines are not available alternate medications are suggested for the users where they either accept or cancel before dispatch. The users can track the status of the delivery after an order is placed.

Customization attributes

Since the applications has multiple features, they are provided with the options to shortlist them according to their convenience. There is also personalization feature for the users to select their recently visited page and moving those to their favourites. The screen can be set as a default for the user's easy access. The personal account also has the accessibility to the details like their personal records, Insurance ids, claiming coverage, payment subscriptions and service fee, etc.

Our Approach

PariPal is an eHealth platform which aims to address pain problems that end user today has such as Admission formalities, Centralized Medical History, Easier appointments, etc by bringing the medical institutions & representatives closer. This provides greater benefits from both standpoints and results in a lot of timesaving, right & quicker diagnosis the problems that customer is facing. It is being envisioned as Digital Solution (Web & Mobile) eHealth connects Hospital and service providers (pharmacies, emergency care vehicles providers, Diagnostics labs. etc), nurses, physicians, administrators and patients in one platform to keeping informed and up to date.

Our Solution

PariPal is a single healthcare application that assists the users with their every need. The AI system collects the entire data from the users and guides them according to their requested assistance. The list of service providers would include doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, occupational therapists, organizations providing stress counselling, service providers using alternative practices like Ayurveda / homeopathy, pharmacies, labs, and providers of health support services/products such as attenders at home or metal support frames for patients with fractured limbs etc.

Technology Used

  • AngularJS
  • Spring Boot
  • HTML5
  • CSS3 and BootStrap.

Mobile Stacks

  • Ionic and Cordova framework


PariPal will work for the users where they can take various actions such as

  • Raise a request and create the appointments
  • Consult with doctors online
  • Obtain urgent clarifications from the doctor
  • Share his/her medical record with any doctor outside the organizations
  • Make payments for services
  • Reminders on follow-ups and appointments as well as intimation of any delays/cancellation of appointments.

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