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Health Investigator

A comprehensive tool for the healthcare domain with a custom-built Chat Bot. The Chatbot is built on AI and uses Machine Learning algorithms that acts as a Symptom checker, trained across 12 specialisations to deliver right consultations to the patients online.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading online service provider in the Healthcare Domain. With over 300+ Doctors and 12 specialisations, their services portfolio covers all the major aspect of the domain including E-Prescriptions. Repository of Medical Records and Chatbots.


This HI App is for Doctor consultation & to subscribe or order medicine online by the patients where to consult right specialists by chats or phone calls, get medicines delivered to home, get samples collected from home for Lab Tests! Both Android and IOS app available. AI Chat Bot plays a vital role as a symptom checker for patients. It consults online with the best general Physicians, Psychologists, Dermatologists, Gynaecologists, and other Specialists instantly without appointments.

Chats and phone calls from the patients are showcased as push notifications. Doctor sends the prescription and views the previous health records in the format of images & documents, gets it shared by both to have a healthy conversation for 48 hours.

Key Challenges

This HI application focuses on online health care platform that connects doctors and medical experts to patients in need, anywhere in India.

  • Specialization selection for their respective health concerns was very crucial. And the usage of the application was bit slower where patients faced more problems in identifying the specialization.
  • From customers feedback, unsatisfied conversations with doctors and availability timings was not convenient.
  • It is challengeable to make HI app stands unique in the market. Added few more updates regularly to have a stable customer.

Our Approach

Health Investigator (HI) app is a boon for the patients to get a quick remedy with life-threatening health issues or symptoms. The HI apply artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to enquire the patients with a series of queries about their symptoms or request the patients to input symptoms related to their health issue. HI uses the real data of the patients to verbalize what type of illness or percentage of illness other users who experienced the same symptoms.

To start with, the mobile app gets the personal information about the patients like name, age, gender etc... The online tool asks the patients to enter the first three related symptoms. In case if the patient needs to add more symptoms, the app allows to enter the related symptoms. With each additional symptom added, the HI app enter deep investigation of the health issue with customer and suggests the specialization to customer.

Customers can choose doctors from the related specialization with the availability date & time. On arrival of the planned consultation, a notification is sent to customer to start the conversation.

Our Solution

Health Investigator (HI) Genie is the smart AI that helps you to identify the right specialist.

The AI system collects all the necessary data about the ailment from the customers and guide them to the right specialist available in the platform. For the wider use, we made corporate as a separate sector where corporate use the app with many discounts & Offers for their employees.

Technology Used

  • Natural Language Processing,
  • JavaScript
  • Python


Health Investigator app has regular updates on weekly basis which is successfully used across 50,000+ users. App available in Android (Play Store) &IOS (App Store).

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