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The concept of Living Matrix is to assist the practitioners to group the patients into meaningful clusters and analyse the symptoms to predict their future diseases based on the current status.

Client Profile

Our Client is a leading US-based Health care service provider who enables the Practitioner-Patient engagement model by “Functional Medicine” approach. They have a wide network of health care practitioners, who provides sophisticated tools for which helps them to grow faster and meet the demand. Their present project is to create a future healthcare provider-patient management system providing the most comprehensive solution in the industry.


The main aim of this project is to develop a Living Matrix that can predict the future diseases of a patient by researching their symptoms. The symptoms can be analysed by creating a digital tool where the AI can group the patients into meaningful clusters based on similar traits. The practitioner can generate a report containing the Menstrual Symptom Questionnaire (MSQ), timeline, matrix, intake responses, recommendations and/or any handouts that can be shared with the client.


Key Challenges

In the healthcare industry, it is difficult for practitioners and patients to auto-generate a medical report timeline. Further, tracking the overall progress on MSQ, Global Health Questionnaire became a hectic task as it involves large volumes of data from patients. The process to effectively evaluate patients, create personalized actionable care plans, and track superior health outcomes over time became time-consuming using the traditional methods.

Our Approach

Living Matrix is a technology-based, clinician-designed functional medicine platform for practitioners to form a cluster based on the similarity in patient’s symptoms. We created a faster time to healthy, life-changing outcomes and an increase in patient referrals for the practice. It increases the functional medicine sector by 30-40% to scale the fast-growing demand.

Our Solution

The cloud-based Living Matrix patient information management system delivers a unique engagement process with a high referral rate. We created visual patterns that provide a comprehensive picture of the patient’s health and conditions over a lifetime.

Technology Used

  • Clustering algorithms using
  • Data Analytics using Sklearn


The Living Matrix is useful for functional medicine practitioners who work with adults and have a largely in-person practice. The AI software is timesaving for those using a functional medicine approach in this context, particularly if time with the client is limited. This platform advises the patients in what to take and what not to take, tracks the sleeping patterns, engagement of exercise hours, and diet plans. We categorize the patients into various clusters based on the traits they hold. When a new patient checks in, they fill a questionnaire which identifies the cluster they belong to and they are assigned accordingly.

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