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Dental Imaging

Dental Imaging plays a vital role in the field of Dentistry. The radiographs allow the dentists to diagnose the problems and provide the right treatment for the patients. The problems that are invisible normally can be treated with the help of radiograph images. Radiographs are a valuable diagnostic tool, as a supplement to clinical examination in the diagnosis of dental diseases. Two dimensional periapical and panoramic radiographs are regularly used in dental practice.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading healthcare industry in the field of Artificial Intelligence. They take extreme care of the patients by creating radiograph images to treat tooth decay, gum disease, abscesses and abnormal growths.


To provide a comprehensive imaging tool using Artificial Intelligence for dentists to receive an automated Dental diagnosis.

Key Challenges

The Radiography images are complex in nature. The discovery of the cavity parts needs numerous numbers of filters. Improving accuracy needs a high classification between the images.

Our Approach

We find the locations of the teeth with their respective roots. Once found, we determine whether the tooth is already filled one. We extract the images with the “Caries” and later feed those images into training.

Our Solution

The given radiograph image annotates the diseased part namely “Caries” and input images with the annotated values into the neural networks like faster RCNN for training.

Technology Used

  • Neural networks
  • Label IMG


The Caries part was identified at several different locations inside the radiograph image with an accuracy of 75%.

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