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Asset Tokenisation

The concept of “Asset Tokenisation” is to convert physical assets into digital tokens, which in turn can be traded in the marketplace. The fundamental idea behind the product is to ensure that we provide a level playing field for all aspiring investors, small or big, to invest in parts on the properties that are available for investments.

Client Profile

Our client is a leading IT solution provider for Commercial & Residential property business in ANZ region.


With the advent of blockchain technology, the possibility of tokenisation of physical assets has become a reality. Tokens that represent the value of the underlying property can be traded freely in a marketplace or exchange. A blockchain-based real estate marketplace can allow both private and institutional investors to acquire physical ownership of part of the real estate. This form of fractional ownership makes it possible to invest in 'pieces' of real estate from various real estate projects. Diversity and therefore risk diversification are one of the many advantages. The possibility of becoming owner of part of the property with few resources will now also become possible for a larger group.

Key Challenges

Worldwide, the total value of real estate is estimated at around 190 trillion Euros. It is the largest global asset class. But, unfortunately, it is not liquid. For renters, owners, and investors, unlike many other markets, it is difficult to get in and out. And in addition, project developers have been struggling for decades to find the right financing. It is also expected that costs for institutional and private investors will continue to rise in the coming years.

Our Approach

Property owners can list their properties in our application to convert digital tokens. These digital tokens represent the total value of the asset, that can be purchased / traded in total or in parts.

Our Solution

In our application, property owners can convert their physical assets into digital tokens and that tokens can be traded in the market. If a user buys few of the tokens, then he becomes the co-owner of that property and if he wishes he can sell that tokens to the other users at any time.

Technology Used

  • Nodejs
  • Hyperledger fabric (Block chain)
  • Angular 7
  • Java Script


  • Every potential buyer can buy the tokens.
  • Property owners can sell their tokens.
  • Every transaction is stored in an immutable ledger.
  • Users can become the co-owner of that property.
  • Helps property owners to liquidate high value assets to multiple buyers

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